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Our stand at BAUMA 2010 in Munich

This is the new TSF - undercarriage up to 4.5 t total weight approx.
and up to 11 mp/h fast.

Video recording of a machine-producer in America

who is using this undercarriage - click on here plse.

Green track for sensitive ground such as:

Golfcourse     w Soccer ground     w Meadow     w and so on.

 Video of a machine with green track  ->  filmlet



On the videos you can see complete undercarriages.

But these undercarriages are not allowed in EUROP,
because of the actual EURO-Standard which is not yet fulfilled.

TFW-Fahrtechnik AG is at this time in a position to
supply you with the complete undercarriage
as per illustration above.


The undercarriages are completely assembled with:

w Track roller, front idler and spring - tensioner

w Track drive complete with hydraulic motor

w Parking - brake including

w Advanced -assembled hydraulik connection-pipe

w Rubber-tracks in green / - or standard-system

w Availabe as complete assembled sideframe-tracks or
      Complete sideframe-tracks connected with 2 crossmembers.

w All 4 connections - point between cross-members and sideframes
      in torsion axle system

w Torsion each connecting point upto 10 cm approx

Do not hesitate to contacting for more details without obligation

 Technical data


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